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Poyozo Dance

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Poyozo Dance
Poyozo Dance.png
Used By Marle Sprite.gif Marle
Luccs.gif Lucca
Ayla Sprite.gif Ayla
SNES/PS Name Poyozo Dance
MP Costs 10/1/1
Marle Reqs Allure
Lucca Reqs Hypnowave
Ayla Reqs Tail Spin
Item Reqs White Gemstone
Target All enemies
Description Damage w/ non-elemental Magic & Chaos

The Poyozo Dance (ポヨゾーダンス poyozō dansu?) is a Triple Tech learned by Marle, Lucca and Ayla. The White Gemstone is the item that is needed to perform this Triple Tech. One of the three characters that participate in the move must have the White Gemstone equipped, and the characters must already know Allure, Hypnowave, and Tail Spin.

Description[edit | edit source]

As the move begins, the three dance; Lucca spinning, Marle using Allure, and Ayla pounding the air. Then 3 triangles similar to that of the white triangle in Dark Matter appears and they start changing all colors of the spectrum. Meanwhile; Lucca, Marle, and Ayla will appear in random locations with different poses. A Poyozo Doll will appear and move around the screen as well. When the move is complete; the poyozo doll flies into the air and the three characters stand in their original positions.

Damage calculation[edit | edit source]

Damage = (Level + Magic) * 40 * 3.2 * (1 - Enemy's Magic Defense/102.4) / Enemy's Elemental Defense + Random range

Poyozo dance relies upon Ayla's tail spin to cause damage as it is the only actual attack involved in the triple tech. The addition of allure and hypnowave guarantee the enemies will be afflicted with confusion if they are not immune to the status.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Tail Spin is the only offensive tech used in Poyozo Dance. Allure and Hypnowave are non-offensive.