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Used By Cron Sprite.gif Crono
Marle Sprite.gif Marle
Robo Sprite.gif Robo
MP Costs 15 (Crono), 15 (Marle), 3 (Robo)
Crono Reqs Cyclone
Marle Reqs Arise
Lucca Reqs Laser Spin
Target All Allies
Description Grant all allies a one-time auto-revive.

Lifeline (キープアレイズ kīpu areizu "Keep Araise"?) is a Triple Tech in Chrono Trigger. It is used by Crono, Marle and Robo once they learn Cyclone, Arise, and Laser Spin respectively. Similar to the Green Dream accessory, this tech allows the targeted ally to regain all of their Hit Points once defeated in battle.

Description[edit | edit source]

As the screen goes yellow, three tiny angels flutter around the screen.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Life line is a colloquialism for an anchor of security, something one can depend on, or something one relies on in a time of desperation.