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Ice (Tech)

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Learned by Marle
SNES/PS name Ice
MP cost 2
Element type Ice
TP required N/A
Target Single Enemy
Description Attack an enemy with ice.
Double Techs Ice Sword, Antipode Bomb, Ice Water, Ice Toss

Ice (Tech) (アイス aisu?) is Marle's 3rd-level Tech in Chrono Trigger, her first magic, and an enemy skill. Marle learns this upon meeting Spekkio.

Description[edit | edit source]

Marle holds her hands together and what looks like four pointy ice crystals circle in front of her. Then she holds her arms in front of her and a blue fire starts going towards the enemy, which the same crystals popping out of it as it goes. Upon hitting the enemy, a huge, blue-ish yet semi-transparent, ice chunk appears in front of the enemy, who is hit.

Damage calculations[edit | edit source]

Damage = (Level + Magic) * 11 * 3.2 * (1 - Enemy's Magic Defense/102.4) / Enemy's Elemental Defense + Random Range

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The name of this spell is, based on the name of most other elemental spells in Chrono Trigger, probably meant to be a slight nod to Final Fantasy, however the name of the Final Fantasy series' ice spell is "Blizzard", not Ice, so it is not a 1:1 match unlike some other spells found in the game.

Enemy Tech[edit | edit source]

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Used by Golem
Spekkio (first form)
Spekkio (second form)
Spekkio (third form)
Element type Ice
Target One Character
Description Attack an enemy with ice.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Since Frog is a mandatory party member for the fight against Magus in Fiendlord's Keep, it is inadvisable to bring Marle along for this fight. While Magus casts Ice II, leaving himself vulnerable to Ice or Water attacks, Frog can simply use Water or Water II. If Marle is included in the party, she can still use Ice II or Ice to damage Magus when he casts the spell as well. An interesting strategy is to include both Frog and Marle to double the party's chances of dealing extra damage, by forcing him to use Ice II more frequently them usually, which not only leaves him weak to Marle and Frog's Magic, but allows them to resist his version of the Tech because it matches their Innate Element.

When fighting Melphyx in the Sunken Desert as part of the quest to restore Fiona's Forest, she can cast Ice to harden a single part of the sand-body of the creature, or Ice II to harden all of it, leaving it vulnerable to physical attacks. While this is useful, Magnus' Ice II tech and Frog's Water II tech are equally as useful. However, bringing along all three of these Water/Ice Elemental characters ensures that no matter whose turn it is to act, the party can effectively damage the creature.

Identical in animation and damage to Frog's technique, the enemy tech is first encountered when fighting the Spekkio at the End of Time, in his Edible Frog form. Secondly, this enemy tech is encountered in Zeal Palace, when fighting Dalton's Golem. Spekkio's later forms also use this tech, though less frequently than it's stronger version, Ice II.

Characters with innate Water-elements, such as Marle and Frog, receive half damage when Water is cast on them. Alternatively, wearing Blue Plates or Blue Vests will convert potential damage done by this tech into Hit Points.