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This article is about the boss from Chrono Trigger. You may be looking for the Summon Element Golem (Element) from Chrono Cross.
Japanese Name Dalton Golem (ダルトンゴーレム Daruton Gōremu?)
HP Defense Magic Defense
7000 127 50
1000 35 2000
Weak Absorbs Immune
None None None
Location Zeal Palace (12000 BC)
Ocean Palace (12000 BC)
Treasure None
Charm Magic Capsule
Techs Iron Sphere / Halves HP
Laser Spin
Water II
Energy Spheres
Counters Bluuurp! Mimic Dalton
Combo Counters None
Combos None

Golem and the Golem Sisters are bosses from Chrono Trigger that appear in Zeal Palace and Ocean Palace in the Antiquity era. Aside from their significance as a boss, they are noteworthy for possessing Magic Capsules, one of which can be Charmed by Ayla (or Ayla and Marle using the Twin Charm double tech) in the first encounter in Zeal Palace, and then later doing the same in the second encounter against the Golem Sisters in the Ocean Palace, for a total of three magic capsules (note that both Golem Sisters can be charmed).

First Encounter[edit | edit source]

During the party's first attempt to get into the Ocean Palace, they encounter Dalton for a brief moment. Dalton then summons one Golem to attack the party. This battle will likely end in the Golem's favor, but that doesn't mean the game is over. The players are subsequently teleported to Ocean Palace.

Second Encounter[edit | edit source]

The Golem Sisters

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Having finally arrived at the Ocean Palace, the party eventually runs into Dalton again, who summons two Golems to fight the party. They can be extremely difficult to beat, because there are two of them, and they are also extremely fast(Speed is probably at 16, so unless you've been really saving up on Speed Capsules, it'll be difficult, even with Crono's Swallow sword equipped. Setting the ATB mode to "Wait" might also help.) They also copy your elemental attribute of the attack you use (this applies to physical attacks as well). Also, if you went around and opened the sealed boxes in all times, and kept all the colored vests, though this yields only two of each color. Stocking up on Ruby Vests in Prehistory will suffice, as they deflect 50% of fire attacks. If Lucca is in group, outfit her with Taban's Helm and Taban's Vest. Equip vests, and any MP reduction accessory. Start the fight with applicable spells, i.e. Ruby Vest absorbs Fire, casting Fire on the Golems or any dual techs causing fire damage causes them to retaliate with moves of the same color, thus all Golem spells heal the party.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It is possible to kill Golem in the Zeal Palace. If successful, Dalton gets angry and shoots lightning at Crono and the other two teammates. If the battle is lost, the three heroes are captured. (This does not end the game).