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Speed Capsule

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Speed Capsule
Speed Capsule.png
Effect Speed + 1

The Speed Capsule (also known as Speed Tab in the SNES/PS version) is a consumable item in Chrono Trigger. It increases the basic Speed stat of any character it is used on by 1.

Speed Capsules can be found as a blue shine, by using Charm, or are given by NPCs. There are a total of 31 Speed Capsules. That is the lowest of any Capsule. No Speed Capsules can be found in Prehistory.

End of Time[edit]

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  • Kajar: Above the bookcase, search the other room.

Middle Ages[edit]

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  • Geno Dome: Under a Poyozo Doll (the one in the upper-left corner). wait a few seconds for it to appear.

Black Omen[edit]

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  • In the room with a Power Seal; lower-right corner.
  • See above; go all the way left.
  • Charm Panel (13 capsules can be charmed).