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Steel Shade

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Steel Shade
Japanese Name 黒の影
HP Defense Magic Defense
20000 170 65
5000 0 0
Weak Absorbs Immune
Shadow None Light
Location Dimensional Vortex
Treasure None
Charm Prism Spectacles
Techs Gash (Strike)
Energy Blast (Wind Slash)
Rend (Cleave)
Thunderfall (Lightning II)
Scintillation (Luminaire)
Counters Gash (strike)
Energy Blast (Wind Slash)
Rend (Cleave)
Combo Counters None
Combos None

Steel Shade (黒の影 kuro no kage?, "Black Shadow") is a boss exclusive to Chrono Trigger (DS) that appears in the Dimensional Vortex. Before entering the final area in the Present Vortex, Crono feels as if he is being called, and the player will be forced to include him in the party for the battle.

Steel Shade resembles Crono in many ways, almost like a dark version of him. Despite the fact that his techs have different names, the effects are the same, and he seems to have Crono's strongest equipment. Most notable is the resemblance between his weapon and either the Rainbow or the DreamSeeker. Once defeated, the shadow walks into Crono, and Crono's latent powers awaken, increasing his stats.

Battle Strategy[edit | edit source]

The Steel Shade is vulnerable to Shadow magic, so it may be a good idea to have Magus or Robo in the party for this battle. Since the most powerful ability the Steel Shade possesses is his "Scintillation" (ミストレイジング?) attack (an alternate name for Luminaire), bringing equipment resistant to Light element is highly recommended. But don't neglect physical defense either, as his physical attacks, much like the real Crono's, are very powerful as well.