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Prism Spectacles

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Prism Spectacles
Japanese Name にじのメガネ
Description Prismatic glasses that grant true power.
Effect Increases all damage the wearer inflicts by 50%
Charmable Fiends Steel Shade

Prism Spectacles (にじのメガネ niji no megane?, "Rainbow Glasses") (also known as PrismSpecs in the SNES/PS version) are an accessory in Chrono Trigger. Clear both the Sun Stone sidequest and The Rainbow Shell sidequest and Melchior will combine the two items to produce the Prism Spectacles and Rainbow. Along with Prism Helm and Prism Dress, these psychedelic lenses are one of three non-offensive items created from the Rainbow Shell. Steel Shade can be charmed by Ayla for this item.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The origin of the name: the main ingredient appears to be the Rainbow Shell, so Rainbow in the name makes sense. Prism is the standard shorthand for "rainbow" in the English version of the game, while specs is shorthand for spectacles, a synonym for glasses.