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Mother Brain

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Mother Brain
Japanese Name Mother Brain (マザーブレーン Mazā Burēn?)
HP Defense Magic Defense
5000 127 50
3000 40 3000
Weak Absorbs Immune
None None None
Location Geno Dome (Future)
Treasure None
Charm Blue Plate
Techs Dark Beam
Reprogram / Confuse
Laser Spin
Memory Reset / Omnilock
Counters None
Combo Counters None
Combos None

Mother Brain is a boss in Chrono Trigger. Appearing inside the Geno Dome during the Future, she is responsible for the uprising of robots against humans. While innately genderless, Mother Brain's hologram, name, and delicate concern for her fellow creations suggest she is female.

Story[edit | edit source]

Before the Day of Lavos[edit | edit source]

Mother Brain was a central computer that linked together all of the domes and factories in the year 1999 AD. After Lavos emerged and destroyed the world, Mother Brain took control of all the robots on the planet. Since they were not alive, Lavos did not - and perhaps, could not - consume their energy, leaving them to thrive. The factories of Geno Dome and the Derelict Factory worked night and day, constructing more machines.

Three Centuries Later[edit | edit source]

By 2300 A.D., Mother Brain had built a massive army of robots. Three adventurers came through time to stop her. They destroyed her central unit, thus freeing the surviving humans from the threat she posed.

Altered Timeline[edit | edit source]

Following the destruction of Lavos back in 1999 AD, the timeline shifted to one where the adventurers never came to destroy her. When Belthasar arrived in the future, as he was always destined to, he created a gigantic supercomputer named FATE from designs of she and Robo, and hard-wired it into his research facility: Chronopolis.

Boss Fight[edit | edit source]

The three Displays surrounding Mother Brain heal her. Each Display has a single Hit Point, so they are easy to destroy. However, once they are destroyed, Mother Brain starts using more powerful techs against the group. She cannot physically attack nor counterattack, nor is she resistant or immune to any element. Using Techs that damage multiple targets will destroy the Displays and provoke Mother Brain's lethal attacks. Instead, use Lucca's Hypnowave to inflict the Status Effect Sleep on these computer monitors. This prevents them from healing Mother Brain and leaves her unable to attack the party. From this point, focus on single-target Double Techs such as Fire Sword or Blaze Kick to destroy Mother Brain. After she is destroyed, the battle ends.

Name Origin[edit | edit source]

Mother Brain appears to be a adaptation of mother board, the central circuit of computers, without which the entire machine would cease to function. As her duties include monitoring and programming the other robots of this time period, her absence might render disparity in the memory banks of machines, causing them to malfunction, lack a unifying force, or simply obtain individuality of thought. Additionally, the word mother assists this idea, as mothers govern, love, teach, and instruct their children. Brain, in the name, may allude to her nucleus like functions. Brains are the commander center and engine of organic bodies, which is identical, again, to the role she plays. Lastly, Mother Brain denotes a sort of swarm intelligence and appears in many other works of art, namely other video games, where this figure serves the same purpose as this Mother Brain does.