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Dimensional Vortex

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Dimensional Vortex
Dimensional Vortex.gif
Time Period 12000 BC
1000 AD
2300 AD
Bosses fought Once-King Dalton (1000 AD)
Steel Shade (1000 AD)
Alabaster Shade (12000 BC)
Crimson Shade (2300 AD)
Eggsterminator (2300 AD)

The Dimensional Vortex (次元の歪み?) are bonus dungeons available exclusively in Chrono Trigger (DS) after finishing the game once.

There are 3 dimensional vortexes. These vortexes are in the time periods Antiquity, Present, and Future. All three start off in the Planar Interstice. At the end of each one you will encounter a clone, or shadow, of one of your main characters in a familiar place.

To beat each Vortex, you will have to fight your way through five random rooms until you reach the specific stage where each boss is located. You'll know you've gone through the five random rooms when you reach the Nameless Cave, a checkpoint of sorts in which there is a Save Point, a Gate to go back to the era from which you came, and another Gate to continue.

For Antiquity Vortex, specific rooms are:

  1. Strath (possible random room) (Items found: Angel's Tiara)
  2. Frozen Cliffs (Items found: Elixir, Megalixir, Lapis, Hi-Potion, Hi-Ether, Shadowplume Robe)
  3. Winding Passage (Turbo Ether, Venus Bow, Megalixir)

For Present Vortex, specific rooms are:

  1. Volcano (Items found: Athenian Water, Master's Crown, Spellslinger, Elixir, Strength Capsule, Hi Potion, Dreamreaper)

For Future Vortex, specific rooms are:

  1. Ancient Keep (possible random room) (Items found: 50,000 G, Hi-Potion, Elixir, Master's Crown)
  2. Curious Village (possible random room)
  3. Temporal Research Lab

Each character will feel that they are being called to come further, so they will end up being the leader in your team. Crono, Marle, and Lucca fight their shadows.

If you beat them, the leader's stats improve. Crono's Shadow is found in the dimensional vortex in 1,000 AD, Marle's Shadow is in 12,000 BC, and Lucca's Shadow is in 2,300 AD. If you beat all of them, you can fight the Dream Devourer at the bucket in the End of Time.