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Melphyx (Lower Body)

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Melphyx (Lower Body)
Melphyx (Lower Body)
Japanese Name メルフィック・下半身
HP Defense Magic Defense
4800 250 65
500 20 0
Weak Absorbs Immune
None None Light
Ice / Water
Location Sunken Desert (Middle Ages)
Treasure None
Charm None
Techs Absorb Core Energy
Sand Cyclone
Chomp / Absorbs HP
Counters None
Combo Counters None
Combos None

Melphyx (Lower Body) is a boss in Chrono Trigger. It appears in the Sunken Desert during the Middle Ages.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

When fighting Melphyx in the Sunken Desert as part of the quest to restore Fiona's Forest, Marle can cast Ice II to harden the sand-body of the creature, leaving it vulnerable to physical attacks. While this is useful, Magus' Ice II tech and Frog's Water II tech are equally as useful. However, bringing along all three of these Water/Ice Elemental characters ensures that no matter whose turn it is to act, the party can effectively damage the creature. Because, once the body is hardened by Water or Ice, it is extremely vulnerable to physical attacks.