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Ice II

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Ice II
Learned by Marle, Magus
SNES/PS name Ice 2
MP cost 8
Element type Ice
TP required 400
Target All Enemies
Description Attack all enemies with ice.
Double Techs Ice Sword II
Antipode Bomb II
Antipode Bomb III
Glacial Freeze
Iceberg Toss
Triple Techs Delta Force
Frost Arc
Final Kick
Eternal Darkness
Ice II
Used by King Dalton
Spekkio (fourth form)
Spekkio (fifth form)
Once-King Dalton
Alabaster Shade
SNES/PS name Ice 2
Element type Water
Target All Characters
Description Attack all enemies with ice.

Ice II (アイスガ aisuga "Icega"?) (also known as Ice 2 in the SNES/PS version) is Marle's 6th-level Tech and one of Magus' starting Techs. Also an enemy skill, Ice II is Marle's strongest offensive Magical Tech in the game.

Description[edit | edit source]

Holding her hands together, Marle levitates off the ground while several sparkles of blue light, resembling snowflakes, orbit her. Following this, the screen turns blue and a blue ring bursts from her as two layers of jagged ice crash down on all opponents on screen.

Damage calculations[edit | edit source]

For Marle: Damage = (Level + Magic) * 14 * 3.2 * (1 - Enemy's Magic Defense/102.4) / Enemy's Elemental Defense + Random Range

For Magus: Damage = (Level + Magic) * 18 * 3.2 * (1 - Enemy's Magic Defense/102.4) / Enemy's Elemental Defense + Random Range

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Since Frog is a mandatory party member for the fight against Magus in Fiendlord's Keep, it is inadvisable to bring Marle along for this fight. While Magus casts Ice II, leaving himself vulnerable to Ice or Water attacks, Frog can simply use Water or Water II. If Marle is included in the party, she can still use Ice II or Ice to damage Magus when he casts the spell as well. An interesting strategy is to include both Frog and Marle to double the party's chances of dealing extra damage, by forcing him to use Ice II more frequently them usually, which not only leaves him weak to Marle and Frog's Magic, but allows them to resist his version of the Tech because it matches their Innate Element.

When fighting Melphyx in the Sunken Desert as part of the quest to restore Fiona's Forest, she can cast Ice II to harden the sand-body of the creature, leaving it vulnerable to physical attacks. While this is useful, Magus' Ice II tech and Frog's Water II tech are equally as useful. However, bringing along all three of these Water/Ice Elemental characters ensures that no matter whose turn it is to act, the party can effectively damage the creature.

Enemy Tech[edit | edit source]

Identical in animation and damage to Marle and Magus' technique, Ice II can be used by Spekkio (fourth and fifth forms), Dalton, and the boss form of Magus, among other enemies. Characters with innate Water-elements, such as Marle and Frog, receive half damage when Water is cast on them. Alternatively, wearing Blue Plates or Blue Vests will convert potential damage done by this tech into Hit Points.

Name Origin[edit | edit source]

The Japanese name of this tech, アイスガ aisuga "Icega", follows a similar naming convention to higher leveled spells in the Final Fantasy series. However, there are no spells named "Icega" in Final Fantasy - there is, however, a spell named ブリザガ "Blizzaga", which is an ice spell much like this one. This ability is probably intended to allude to that spell, but given a different name so as to preserve Chrono Trigger's independence from the FF series.