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Haste (Tech)

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This article is about the tech. For other uses, see Haste (Disambiguation).
Learned by Marle
Japanese name ヘイスト
SNES/PS name Haste
MP cost 6
Element type None
TP required 250
Target One Ally
Description Half time between turns for an ally.

Haste (ヘイスト heisuto?) is Marle's 6th-level Tech. Doubling an ally's speed, Marle learns Haste after acquiring 250 Tech Points. While Haste is a useful Tech, equipping the Haste Helm provides a single ally with a permanent speed boost, equivalent to the boost granted by Haste, until unequipped.

Description[edit | edit source]

When cast, Marle holds her hands together and sends a batch of sparkles into the air. Extending her hands out toward the target, a tickling clock appears above their head. While Haste is in effect, the afflicted character glows red.

Name Origin[edit | edit source]

In English, Haste means a rapidity of motion. Since this Tech increases a character's speed, causing the wait time between attacks to reduce by half, this name is appropriate. The spell is also probably intended to be a reference to the spell of the same name from the Final Fantasy series.