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Learned by Marle
SNES/PS name Provoke
MP cost 1
Element type None
TP required 50
Target One Enemy
Description Confuse an enemy.
Double Techs Twin Charm
Triple Techs Poyozo Dance

Allure (挑発 ちょうはつ chōhatsu?) (also known as Provoke in the SNES/PS version) is Marle's 2nd-level Tech in Chrono Trigger. While seemingly ineffective, Allure draws enemy techs to Marle, provoking them to attack her instead of fellow party members. Allure is one of two non-offensive and non-healing techs to appear in a Triple Tech. Alongside Ayla and Lucca, she uses Allure to perform Poyozo Dance, a powerful tech with an innocuous and fun appearance, much like the animation for Allure. Additionally, she uses the Tech in conjunction with Ayla's Charm to boost the success rate of stealing valuable items from enemies. It is interesting that the two are paired together in this tech, and that both the rudimentary techs involved in it, rely on sexual appeal to cast. As Ayla and Marle are distant relatives, this may be a way for the game designers to hint at their symmetrical personalities, or show that Marle's personality is somehow genetically inspired by her early ancestor.

Description[edit | edit source]

Marle giggles and turns around with a spin, then taps her bottom three times. With each tap, a sound plays.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Used in conjunction with the Green Dream or high-defensive armors, this Tech can prove quite useful in keeping more vulnerable party members alive. Since Marle naturally has a low Defense score and is generally the primary healer of any trio she is included in, this tech has several drawbacks that outweigh the benefits.

Name Origin[edit | edit source]

The Japanese name of this skill 挑発 chōhatsu is a word that basically means to attempt to provoke or incite someone into a pique of anger, frustration (and/or sometimes, though not always, lust) by taunting or mocking them, often in a playful manner.

Both Allure and provoke refer to pulling a target's attention in one direction, as opposed to others. Interestingly, Marle has several techs that start with the letter "A" as well, such as Aura and Arise. Her other single techs almost always include the letter, "I", as with Ice and Ice II. It seems more than coincidence that her techs would all start with vowels, albeit, the same vowels. The letter A symbolizes love and affection, while the letter I symbolizes ego, both of which may allude to some aspect of her personality. Her affection nature finds evidence in her ability to learn healing techs, as well as being the voice of reason when it comes to rescuing complete strangers or doing the "right thing". For instance, she is the one to first suggest questing to defeat Lavos. Additionally, it is her that suggests the party rescue Schala, even when there is no clear motive for doing so.