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Dark Matter

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Dark Matter
Learned by Magus
SNES/PS name Dark Matter
MP cost 20
Element type Shadow
TP required 900
Target All Enemies
Description Attack all enemies with darkness.
Triple Techs Eternal Darkness
Dark Matter
Used by Magus
Spekkio (final form)
Nu Guardian
Once-King Dalton
Element type Shadow
Target All enemies
Description Attack all enemies with darkness.

Dark Matter (ダークマター dāku matā?) is Magus' 8th-level Tech and the ultimate Shadow magic in the game. Magus uses it against the party when he is first battled.

Damage calculations[edit | edit source]

Damage = (Level + Magic) * 38 * 3.2 * (1 - Enemy's Magic Defense/102.4) / Enemy's Elemental Defense + Random Range

Enemy Tech[edit | edit source]