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Used By Frog Sprite.gif Frog
Ayla Sprite.gif Ayla
SNES/PS Name Drop Kick
MP Costs 4, 20
Element Type Physical
Frog Reqs Aerial Strike
Ayla Reqs Triple Kick
Target One Enemy
Description Slam into an enemy from above.

Dropdown (あぐらおちぎり agura ochigiri?, Crosslegged Falling Slash) (also known as Drop Kick in the SNES/PS version) is a Tech used in Chrono Trigger. Once Frog and Ayla learn Aerial Strike and Triple Kick, respectively, they acquire the double tech Dropdown.

Description[edit | edit source]

When used, Frog will do Aerial Strike simultaneously to Ayla using Triple Kick, causing Frog to jump off screen as he prepares to fall and slash the foe. Ayla proceeds to kick the enemy while Frog is away, and when Ayla is about to do her third kick (where she falls vertically on the enemy from the air), Frog will at the same time fall from the sky for the Aerial strike, damaging the enemy while a drum noise plays. When Frog does his final pose, Ayla can be seen behind him sitting on top of the enemy's head cross-legged, which is where the Japanese name comes from (it's possible the drum sound mentioned is intended to be a comical representation of Ayla's body weight as she sits cross-legged on the enemy's head).

Strategy[edit | edit source]