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Beast Toss

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Beast Toss
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Used By Robo Sprite.gif Robo
Ayla Sprite.gif Ayla
SNES/PS Name Beast Toss
MP Costs 12 (Robo), 4 (Ayla)
Element Type Physical
Robo Reqs Rapid-fire Fist
Ayla Reqs Boulder Toss
Target One enemy
Description Throw an enemy around.

Beast Toss (じごくなげ jigoku nage?, "Hell throw/Hellish throw") is a Double Tech in Chrono Trigger

Description[edit | edit source]

When used, Robo will pound his chest like a gorilla while Ayla runs and picks up the enemy, after which the two proceed to play a brief game of hot potato with the enemy, where they each toss the enemy back and forth at one another with gradually increasing velocity. Eventually Ayla, when catching the enemy one last time throws it in to the air above her. Just before it falls on her she gives it a headbutt for large damage.

Strategy[edit | edit source]