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Laser Spin

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Laser Spin
Crono Trigger Laser Spin.png
Learned by Robo
MP cost 3
Element type Shadow
TP required 5
Target All Enemies
Description Attack all enemies with laser.
Double Techs Supersonic Spin
Cyclone Sweep
Frog Launcher
Triple Techs Lifeline
Ring of Fire
Omega Flare
Master Mune
Laser Spin
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Used by R-Series
Melphyx (Upper Body)
Atropos XR
Mother Brain
Element type Water
Target All Characters
Description Attack all enemies with laser.

Laser Spin (回転レーザー kaiten rēzā "Rotating/Spinning Laser"?) is Robo 's third tech in Chrono Trigger. Even though Robo can't use Magic, this tech allows him to inflict Shadow damage on enemies. This tech attacks all enemies on screen. The most significant application of this is during the fight against Magus. Robo is the only character capable of inflicting full damage on Magus when his barrier blocks all elements but Shadow.

Enemy Tech[edit | edit source]

All Enemies who use a version of Laser Spin use it in the exact same way as Robo. Lasers project from the enemy's chest and spin around to singe all opponents. Unlike Robo's tech, not all enemy Laser Spins are Shadow spells, as is the case with Mother Brain. Since Robo is the primary caster of Laser Spin, and he is a robot of Geno Dome, naturally the R-Series Robots and Atropos XR, also children of the very same factory, are programmed with this ability. Golem, however, was not created in Geno Dome, but Golem is a mechanical creation, so this may explain why it is able to cast Laser Spin.