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Geno Dome

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Geno Dome

Geno Dome
Time Period 2300 AD
Notable inhabitants Robo
Atropos XR
Chapter(s) played in Homeplace of Machines
Bosses fought Atropos XR
Mother Brain

The Geno Dome (ジェノサイドーム jenosaidōme?, "Genocidome/Genocide Dome") is a location in Chrono Trigger that appears in 2300 AD. Robo, Atropos XR, and other R-Series robots were created here. Mother Brain, an iridescent hologram representation of the factory's mainframe, controls and maintains of the facility.

Story[edit | edit source]

The Day of Lavos destroyed the lush green landscape populated mainly by humans and their robotic assistants. Now all that remains are the ruins of domed metropolises, and their decaying inhabitants. Because Lavos colliding with the planet destroyed vegetation and presumably wild game, this era suffers a food shortage. The robots of the factories and domes have been reprogrammed by Mother Brain to despise humans in their weakness. Machines do not require sustenance through natural means. Previously the allies of humans, now they kidnap and murder them within the Geno Dome. Gruesome scenes of humans on conveyor belts being dumped into furnaces or sliced apart by mechanical devices can be viewed here. With the remaining domes and power supplies left in what is now Guardia, the machines could reign in an era of logic and pure metal. Powerful robots and computer locks keep the facility locked tight,and when Robo came here, he quickly noticed what was going on, battled his way through the factory's defenses, and destroyed Mother Brain. After that, he and his companions shut down all the machinery in the dome. Tragically, if this sidequest is completed, Atropos XR is also among those to perish in the dome. Should the party destroy Lavos prior to visiting the factory and ending the Mother Brain's genocide.

Info[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

"Geno" derives from the word genocide.

  • This is more evident in the Japanese version, where the name is Genocide Dome (ジェノサイドーム Jenosai Dōme?, could also be Genocidome, a portmanteau)