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Forest Maze

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Forest Maze

The Forest Maze
Time Period Prehistory
Chapter(s) played in Footprints! Follow
Music played Rhythm of Earth, Wind, and Sky

The Forest Maze (まよいの森 , Bewilderment Forest ?) is a location in Chrono Trigger. Appears south of Ioka Village in Prehistory, the maze serves as a natural barrier between the human settlements and the Reptite Lair. Navigating the Forest Maze can prove difficult as the paths are often obscured by brush and trees. Shadows from the forest canopy cloak enemies and treasure chests, which are covered in yellow moss.

Story[edit | edit source]

Beating Ayla in a soup-chugging competition, Crono's Gate Key and the Dreamstone are stolen by Kino, who is jealous of the attention shown by his lover to Crono. Ayla suggests that the party question the Iokan villagers the theft to help locate the stolen items. A child in one of the village's many huts says she saw the thief head into the Forest Maze. Upon entering, Ayla encounters Kino, who admits to stealing the items. However, when she asks for him to return them, he claims Reptites stole them from him and headed deeper into the forest. Ayla scolds Kino and sends him to protect the village in her absense, reminding him that she loves him and not Crono.

Ayla, Crono, and another then traverse the shady forest looking for the culprit, eventually arriving at a clearing where the Reptite Lair stands.

Info[edit | edit source]