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Save Point

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Save Point
A Save Point in Chrono Trigger.

A Save Point is a place to record game data so as to pick up where the player left off once returning to the game. Many manifestations of the Save Point appear in the Chrono (Series).

Chrono Trigger[edit | edit source]

In Chrono Trigger, a save point is simply known as a Save Point. It takes on the appearance of shining green twinkles, almost like a four-pointed stars. When standing at a Save Point, the player can use a shelter to restore the team's HP and MP to full. Sometimes, the player will encounter enemies in the guise of Save Points. They can be found in places such as Magus' Keep and the Abandoned Sewers. Touching one spawns three enemies. Players can also save on the Overworld Map by pressing X and going to the menu.

Chrono Cross[edit | edit source]

In Chrono Cross, the Save Point is known as the Record of Fate, a green pyramid with yellow and red inside.