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Laruba Ruins

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Laruba Ruins

The Laruba Ruins
Time Period 65000000 BC

The Laruba Ruins (ラルバ村の焼け跡 raruba mura no yakeato?, "Burnt ruins of Laruba Village") are the site of the former village of the Laruba tribe in Prehistory. For years, the Laruba people hid out in the forests on the western side of Pangea. They were content to let the people of Ioka Village and others fight off the Reptites.

Just before the coming of Lavos, the Reptites attacked Laruba Village, burning it to the ground and hauling many of their people off to Tyranno Lair. This led the Ioka chieftan, Ayla, to assault the Reptite keep and slay their leader, Azala, just before the keep's destruction by Lavos.

The Laruba are known for riding the swift Dactyl. Controlling this wild species of avian is a secret that is only shared among the Laruba.

The Silver Gemstone, which is necessary to unlock Ayla, Frog and Robo's Triple Tech Spin Strike, can be acquired from a Nu found here once Azala has been defeated in Tyranno Lair.