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Mountain of Woe

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Mountain of Woe
Mountain Of Woe.png
Time Period 12000 BC
Chapter(s) played in The Guru Of Woe
Bosses fought Giga Gaia

The Mountain of Woe (なげきの山?) is a location that appears in Chrono Trigger in 12000 BC, before the fall of the Kingdom of Zeal. It is a floating mountain suspended in midair, but chained to the ground, which keeps it from ascending to the height of Zeal. The area is accessed by climbing up the chain, which is connected to Algetty. Smaller chains link the fragments of rock together to form this mountain-like structure. Enshrouded in light snow, the hit rate of the party is decimated during combat here.

Story[edit | edit source]

Banished from Zeal under orders of the Prophet, Crono and the gang must find an alternate route to Antiquity. Before Schala seals the Gate, she requests you find Melchior, who is imprisoned atop the Mountain of Woe for defying Queen Zeal. Mad with power, she wants to waken Lavos through the Mammon Machine, harness it's magical power, and use it to advance the Kingdom. Melchior knew the hazards of amplifying Lavos' power and was encased in ice on this magical mountain. After Crono defeats Giga Gaia, the boss guarding Melchior, and frees him, the seal that maintains the mountain's magic is broken, and the entire mountain collapses and falls into the ocean. Schala returns to Algetty to inform the Guru of the Ocean Palace's completion. She is apprehended by Dalton at this point, and the Guru, providing the Ruby Knife (the weakness of Mammon Machine) asks Crono to rescue her.

Info[edit | edit source]