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Last Village

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Last Village
Last Village1.png
Inside a Last Village hut.
Time Period Antiquity
Notable Inhabitants Enlightened Ones
Earthbound Ones
Chapter(s) Played In The New King
Party Members Gained excludes Crono

Last Village is a location in Chrono Trigger. Informally, Last Village is known as Surviving Village. Last Village may be the original Truce. The word Truce infers that a resolution between two feuding parties occurred. Enlightened Ones and Earthbound Ones shed their prejudices and live together here.


Last Village.gif Last Village is the earliest human settlement on the planet preceding the Zeal after its destruction due to the incidents between Schala, Queen Zeal, and the Mammon Machine. Both Earthbound Ones and Enlightened Ones reside in huts similar to those in 65,000,000 B.C.. The new establishment resides in the hollowed forestry lingering on the landmasses still above water. Retaining the old governmental system from Algetty, Last Village is led by a chief elder who resides in the Last Village Commons.

A Nu survived the Fall of Zeal and lives amongst them as a merchant. Surviving with him was a Magic Capsule. Only once he exits the tent can it be stolen. As time passed, more permanent establishments were made elsewhere on the globe, and the residents of Last Village dispersed to form the cities of the modern era (600 AD - 2300 AD). While Medina more closely resembles the old position of the village, the actual land area that it was founded on has receded beneath the sea by 600 A.D. and onward.

When the party is in the Antiquity, they are asked by Schala to save Melchior, who is trapped on the Mountain of Woe. They head to the mountain and defeat Giga Gaia.