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Time Period Middle Ages
Notable inhabitants Toma

Dorino (サンドリノ村 sandorino mura?, San Dorino Village) is a small village in Chrono Trigger. Located south of Zenan Bridge, it appears in the Middle Ages, where it reached its height. Dorino is also positioned near Denadoro Mountains and the citizens often mentioned this landform. Since a nun can be seen in the Inn, Dorino is likely a provincial town and is governed by an Elder (Mayor) as were Porre, Truce, Choras, and Medina. The Elder of Dorino desired the Rainbow Shell, often told stories of its myth and lore, and inevitably recruited treasure-hunter, Toma, to locate it. Aside from sporting a local pervert who craves the Naga Bromide, the villagers of Dorino are known around this time for their vehement hatred of Magus, Flea, Slash, and Ozzie; their defeat led to much celebration in the dwelling. There are three theories as to why Dorino totally erased from the map in the Present, along with Derandoro Mountains.

  • Weathering, erosion, and natural disaster decimated the locations or made the surrounding forests and water sources unuseable
  • Dorino simply lost its purpose to the plot. While serving a role in the game, that role is extremely small.
  • The citizens migrated to Porre and Truce during a period of urbanization.

On the map of 1999 A.D., a domed structure is present on the site where Dorino once stood.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Dorino's official name was scheduled to be San Dorino.