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Naga Bromide

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The Naga Bromide (ひみつのミアンヌ・ブロマイド?) (also known as Naga-ette Bromide in the SNES/PS version) is a pseudo key item in Chrono Trigger. Oddly enough, it does not appear in the player's inventory when obtained.

The Naga Bromide is obtained by searching a drawer in a hidden room in Manolia Cathedral. If gotten when first visiting, three of Naga's admirers will attack Crono and his party. If Manolia Cathedral has already been cleared without having acquired this item, Crono and friends can go back and retrieve it at any time, in which case it can be received without being attacked by any monsters. It can be traded to a prurient old man found in Dorino in exchange for a Magic Capsule.

Bromide is a Japanese term for a pin-up photograph of a celebrity. The implication is that the photograph is an erotic representation of a Naga.