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Tyranno Lair

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Tyranno Lair
Tyranno Lair.gif
The Tyranno Lair
Time Period Prehistory
Notable inhabitants Azala
Bosses fought Azala
Black Tyranno
Nizbel II
Music played Tyranno Lair

Tyranno Lair (ティラン城?) is a location that appears in Chrono Trigger during Prehistory.

Because it is surrounded by lava, it is only accessible by air. It is home to the bosses Nizbel II, Black Tyranno, and Azala.

Note that once this dungeon is completed, it cannot be visited again for that playthrough.

Story[edit | edit source]

Crono and Ayla fly there by dactyl in order to rescue Kino and the villagers of Laruba from the Reptites. They then confront Queen Azala and the Black Tyranno. After they are defeated, Azala says that the red star in the sky will soon fall to Earth, causing mass devastation and years of cold climates. She chooses to stay behind when they leave. The red star falls to Earth and lands on the Tyranno Lair, turning it into a crater.

The ruins of Tyranno Lair can also be found under the Giant's Claw in the Middle Ages, where there are still surviving Reptites as well as the Rust Tyranno.

Info[edit | edit source]