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Truce in the Present.
Time Period Middle Ages
Notable inhabitants Crono
Crono's Mother
Music played Peaceful Days (Present)
Yearnings of the Wind (Middle Ages)

Truce (トルース?) is a city in Chrono Trigger, appearing in the Present and the Middle Ages.

Shops[edit | edit source]

Middle Ages (600 A.D.)[edit | edit source]

Truce Market (グッズマーケット Goods Market?)[edit | edit source]

Item Cost
Bronze Blade 350g
Pea Shooter 800g
Padded Vest 300g
Bronze Helmet 200g
Potion 10g
Panacea 10g
Athenian Water 200g
Shelter 150g

Present (1000 A.D.)[edit | edit source]

Truce Market (グッズマーケット Goods Market?)[edit | edit source]

Story[edit | edit source]

Chrono Trigger[edit | edit source]

Truce is the closest city to Guardia Castle and is considered the capital of the Kingdom. The area which would later become the city was first settled at or around the time of the Guardia Kingdom's creation; however, no information in-game is given as to an exact point in time. For over four hundred years, the Guardia Knights (the "Square Table" in the SNES release) have protected the Kingdom.

Between 580 and 600 A.D., the Kingdom came under attack during the War with the Mystics. While the town itself never saw conflict, the battles came dangerously close during the Battle of Zenan Bridge. After the war, the area which was previously Truce Canyon would be built upon to make Leene Square. Sometime later, Crono and Lucca would both be born in the town.

When the game first begins, Crono awakens in his house, situated in the northeast corner of Truce. The Truce of the Present contains a few more buildings than that of the Middle Ages, notably the Ticket Office, from which players can buy tickets to take the ferry to Porre on the southern tip of the continent. The Mayor's Manor, situated directly south of the Inn, features multiple non-player characters which inform starting players of game mechanics. In the original SNES release, talking to the Mayor again after learning about techniques will net 300 G.

Chrono Cross[edit | edit source]

According to the backstory for Chrono Cross, Porre began to amass a military before going on the offensive against Guardia. Guardia "lost" the battle, though to what extent we cannot be certain. What we know is that the forest was probably burned through; this action probably also occurred during an attack on Truce. Unfortunately, this occurred prior to the game's onset (see Fall of Guardia); upon the conclusion of the game a new universe is born and no information is given as to whether these events still occur.

Notable Residents[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • If one uses a "Walk Through Walls" code, one can indeed access the chest in Truce Inn (behind the counter, next to the Innkeeper. The chest contains 57,234 G; this chest was likely put into the game during the testing phase and was never removed.
  • The weapon and armor shop (and later, the item shop) which normally sits in the Market is not available at the start of the game, due to the Millennial Fair. Once the player has returned to Truce after defeating Heckran, the shop will be reopen (and freebies are awarded if Fritz was spared during Crono's escape from execution).

Gallery[edit | edit source]