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Medina Village

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Medina Village

Medina Village
Time Period Present
Notable inhabitants Blue Imp
Green Imp
Mud Imp
Ozzie VIII
Music played Green Memories
Jolly Ol' Spekkio
Light of Silence
"Oh, great Magus, why didn't you just exterminate the human race 400 years ago?"
— Medina Villager

Medina Village (メディーナ村?) is a location in Chrono Trigger that appears in the Present. It is a small village that appears in the Present, populated almost entirely by Mystics. A statue in the center depicts Magus, Fiendlord, and after Magus' defeat, a statue of Ozzie is present and the anti-human animosity common in Medina has disappeared. Once Ozzie is defeated at his Fort, no statue sits in the center.

Shops[edit | edit source]

Median Village Market First visit[edit | edit source]

Iron Blade 39550 G
SteelSaber 65000 G
Demon Edge 65000 G
Lumin Robe 65000 G
Flash Mail 65000 G
Glow Helm 65000 G
Tonic 1130 G
Mid Tonic 11300 G
Full Tonic 65000 G
Heal 1130 G
Revive 22600 G
Shelter 16950 G
Ether 65000 G

Median Village Market After defeating Ozzie[edit | edit source]

Iron Blade 262 G
SteelSaber 597 G
Demon Edge 12684 G
Lumin Robe 4850 G
Flash Mail 6342 G
Glow Helm 1717 G
Tonic 8 G
Mid Tonic 75 G
Full Tonic 523 G
Heal 8 G
Revive 150 G
Shelter 112 G
Ether 597 G

Story[edit | edit source]

Crono and his team visit Medina after their first visit to the End of Time, since the Gate between Guardia Forest and Bangor Dome is inaccessible. Ozzie VIII is Elder at this time.

Due to the Human/Mystic conflict that occurred in Middle Ages, most residents are hostile to human visitors (though the owners of the cupboard which houses the Gate state that they like to leave what has happened in the past). Because of this prejudice, shopkeepers and innkeepers charge an extremely large amount of money for their goods and services if the customers are human, often making them unaffordable. Sometimes, Medina inhabitants will try to attack Crono and his team based solely on this prejudice. These conflicts disappear and the prices deflate after Ozzie is erased from history.

The inhabitants also speak of a monster that lives in a nearby cave that can only be killed by magic, pointing out that humans can no longer use magic. The Guru, Melchior, sets up his residence not far from the town.

If Crono battles Lavos prematurely and loses, the cut-scene references that Medina has been destroyed by the Lavos' arrival. Oddly enough, the worshipers in the center of Medina pray for the Day of Lavos to destroy humans. They believe they will spared during this attack, but are not.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Medina is the name of a Saudi Arabian city, prominent to Muslim worship.