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List of Chrono Trigger weapons

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This page is a list of weapons that can be used in Chrono Trigger. Each of the seven playable characters in Chrono Trigger has their own unique weapon type, as listed below.

Cron Sprite.gif Crono (Katanas)[edit]

Name Attack Special Effects
Mop 1
Wooden Sword 3
Bronze Blade 7
Steel Saber 15
Silver Sword 20
Thunder Blade 25
Crimson Blade 30 Magic+2
Mammoth Tusk 40
Slasher 43 Speed+2
Primeval Blade 70
Zanmato 90 1.5x damage to magical beings
Vajra Sword 110
Empyrean Blade 125
Yaksha Blade 135
Swallow 145 Speed+3
Onimaru 150
Slasher II 155
Icewyrm 160
Suzaku 170 4x critical hit damage
Rainbow 220 70% critical hit rate
Dreamseeker 240 90% critical hit rate

Marle Sprite.gif Marle (Bows)[edit]

Name Attack Special Effects
Bronze Bowgun 3
Iron Bowgun 15
Silver Bow 20
Bandit's Bow 25
Shaman's Bow 40
Dreamstone Bow 60
Comet Bow 80
Sonic Bow 100 Inflicts Slow
Siren's Kiss 140 Inflicts Stop
Stardust Bow 150 Inflicts Confuse
Valkyrie Bow 180
Venus Bow 0 Deals 777 damage

Luccs.gif Lucca (Guns)[edit]

Name Attack Special Effects
Airgun 5
Pea Shooter 7
Pocket Blaster 15
Plasma Gun 25 Inflicts Stop on robots
Ruby Gun 40
Dreamstone Gun 60
Megablaster 80
Shockwave 110 Inflicts Confuse
Turboshot 140 Speed+3
Wondershot 250 Random damage
Spellslinger - Inflicts damage based upon last digit of MP

Robo Sprite.gif Robo (Mechanical Arms)[edit]

Name Attack Special Effects
Tin Arm 20
Hammer Arm 25
Mirage Hand 30
Stone Arm 40
Death Claw 50
Magma Hand 70
Megaton Arm 90
Heavy Hand 105
Kaiser Arm 120
Gigaton Arm 135
Teraton Arm 150
Dragon Arm 170
Crisis Arm - Inflicts damage based upon last digit of HP
Apocalypse Arm 0 May deal 9,999 damage

Frog Sprite.gif Frog (Swords)[edit]

Name Attack Special Effects
Bronze Sword 6
Iron Sword 10
Masamune 75
Radiant Blade 90
Smiter's Blade 105 1.5x damage to magical beings
Rune Blade 120 Magic+4
Demonslayer 120 2x damage to magical beings
Brave Sword 135
Dinoblade 160 Strength+5
Masamune (Upgraded) 200

Ayla Sprite.gif Ayla (Fists)[edit]

Name Attack Special Effects
Fist (Level 1) ???
Fist (Level 24) ???
Fist (Level 48) ???
Iron Fist ??? Inflicts Confuse
Bronze Fist ??? 9,999 damage on critical hit

Chrono Trigger Magus Menu Portrait.png Magus (Scythes)[edit]

Name Attack Special Effects
Moonfall Scythe 130
Headman's Scythe 135
Hadean Scythe 150
Judgment Scythe 155 Inflicts Stop
Doom Scythe 160 Damage boost when allies KO'd
Dreamreaper 180 4x critical hit damage


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