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Crono prepares his katana for a battle with Green Imps.

The katana is a weapon type from Chrono Trigger and can be equipped by the main character, Crono. Katana are melee sword weapons, generally wielded with both hands. Blades of katana bow inwards. Often Samurai are imagined as the carriers of this type of blade. Swordsmen training to wield metallic katana in battle practice with Wooden Swords, called Bokken. In an FMV for the PlayStation release, Crono practices Aiki-ken, a katana sword technique, using a Bokken. Crono's experience as a swordsmen seems to follow the same pattern, as his first katana is made of wood, while gradually, he progresses to more durable blades. Crono's katanas can be imbued with Fire or Ice Magic to perform deadly Double Techs. When landing a critical hit, Crono sweeps his katana under the enemy then back down upon them. Enemies that make use of the katana are Slash, whose Slasher and Slasher II can later be equipped by Crono, Steel Shade, a dreamlike doppelganger of Crono, and Masamune's final form as depicted in the FMV of the PlayStation release.

List of Katanas[edit | edit source]

Name Attack Special Effects
Mop 1
Wooden Sword 3
Bronze Blade 7
Steel Saber 15
Silver Sword 20
Thunder Blade 25
Crimson Blade 30 Magic+2
Mammoth Tusk 40
Slasher 43 Speed+2
Primeval Blade 70
Zanmato 90 1.5x damage to magical beings
Vajra Sword 110
Empyrean Blade 125
Yaksha Blade 135
Swallow 145 Speed+3
Onimaru 150
Slasher II 155
Icewyrm 160
Suzaku 170 4x critical hit damage
Rainbow 220 70% critical hit rate
Dreamseeker 240 90% critical hit rate