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Primeval Blade

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Primeval Blade
Aeon Blade.png
Japanese Name 太古の剣
SNES/PSX Name Aeon Blade
Equipment Type Katana
Description A sword steeped in ancient power
Attack 70
Price 3 Fang, 3 Horn
Sell 6,250 G
Vendor Locations Ioka Village Hut
Charmable Fiends Megasaur

The primeval blade (たいこのつるぎ taiko no tsurugi?) (also known as aeon blade in the SNES/PS version) is Crono's ninth-level weapon. It has an attack power of 70. It can be traded for at the Ioka Village Hut for 3 Fangs and 3 Horns and/or charmed from Megasaur.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

While it seems strange that a double bladed sword would be used in Crono's arsenal, the weapon is based on the katana's predecessor, the tsurugi. Tsurugi were made long ago in the ancient periods of Japan, namely the Jomon and Asuka periods, by the ancestor tribes of today's Yamato ethnicity. The theme of the weapon also fits within the series; as the Primeval Blade is the first metal forged blade of Guardia's predecessors, it can be in essence, the series' "first" katana.