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This article is about the Chrono Trigger Weapon. You may be looking for one of the weapon types in Chrono Cross: Swallow (Chrono Cross).
Japanese Name
Equipment Type Katana
Description A masterwork blade with a fine edge
Attack 145
Effect Speed +3
Sell 19,000 G
Won From Tier 5 prize at the Arena of the Ages (DS/Smartphone/Steam versions only)
Treasure Chests Forest Ruins (Present)

The Swallow (つばめ tsubame?) is Crono's fourteenth-level katana in Chrono Trigger.

In the original SNES/PS versions of the game, there is only one in the entire game, found in the Forest Ruins (Present), where players have the option of choosing between this weapon or a Guardian Helm. The Guardian Helm is generally considered better as an equipment choice (since Crono has stronger katana available), but for item completionists the Swallow is recommended since there are other Guardian Helms in the game.

Acquiring the Swallow[edit | edit source]

After charging Marle's pendant at the Mammon Machine in Zeal (Antiquity), travel to the Forest Ruins in the Present and disable the prism barrier. A Nu should then appear and offer one of two items, an offensive and defensive item. The offensive item is the Swallow, while the defensive item is known as the Guardian Helm.

Name Origin[edit | edit source]

Serge, the protagonist of Chrono Cross, wields weapons called Swallows, which may be a reference to this weapon. The Japanese name of this weapon is tsubame however, which is the Japanese word for "Swallow" (the bird), whereas in the Japanese version of Chrono Cross, Serge's weapon simply goes by the English word "Swallow" (written in katakana).