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Hadean Sickle

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Hadean Sickle
Hadean Scythe.png
Japanese Name めいおうのかま
SNES/PSX Name StarScythe
Equipment Type Scythe
Description A weapon of underworld design.
Attack 150
Sell 21,000G.
Treasure Chests Death Peak

The Hadean Sickle (めいおうのかま meiō no kama?) (also known as StarScythe in the SNES/PS version) is Magus' 3rd weapon, which can be found in a chest in Death Peak (Future). It sells for 21,000G.

Name origin[edit | edit source]

The Japanese name is めいおうのかま meiō no kama. "Meiō" is a Japanese word referring to a king of the underworld/hell, similar to Hades in Greek mythology, which is what the modern English name refers to.