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Japanese Name ミラクルショット
Equipment Type Gun
Description A gun containing the Sun Stone's strength.
Attack 250; varies
Effect Attack determined by hours spent playing the game.
Sell 16,000G
Won From Sun Stone quest

Wondershot is a weapon for Lucca in Chrono Trigger. It is obtained through the optional Sun Stone quest. Its damage is determined by the hours spent playing the game.

Its base power is around the same as Crono's Rainbow, a weapon forged through a sister questline (The Rainbow Shell), but it has a chance to do 1/10, 1/2, normal, 2x, or 3x the damage.

The percentage of insanely powerful shots is extremely low. Sunglasses or PrismSpecs seems to increase this. This gun has a base critical hit ration of 40%, and increases the weilder's attack power by 167. It is debatably the best weapon equippable by Lucca. While harboring the potential for a deadly punch, the probabilty is low. Clever tactic and item combination can make this weapon extremely useful.

Damage Calculator[edit | edit source]

For ranged weapons such as Bows and Guns in Chrono Trigger, there is a complex formula involving the hit rate of the weapon, the armor class of the target, the power of the weapon and power of the character, alongside the character level. Wondershot, having high attack power, doubles the chances of providing a powerful blow. As to whether the strength of the ammunition increases with hours played in game, it seems most likely that the strength of each shot is gauged on how frequently the weapon is used. One moment, the gun cobblers, the next it recharges (attacking with low damage values) in preparation for another strong shot. The SNES console does not have an internal clock, so gauging the attack rate based on the hour of day (as is highly speculated) seems unlikey. It seems far more likely that the number of consecutive hours per play session, with the Wondershot equipped, increases the frequency of higher powered attacks as well as the intensity. Thus, when the console switches off, the counter restarts; attacks in the beginning of the next session will be far weaker, but will progressively strengthen.