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Marle Crossbow.png
Marle, wielding her crossbow in the FMV of the PlayStation release.

The Bow is a weapon type from Chrono Trigger, exclusive to Marle. At close range, rather than firing the weapon, Marle physically strikes enemies with the butt of it. The attack utilizes the same stats. Ironically, the title "Bow" is inaccurate; Marle is depicted wielding crossbows in game. Likely the word was shortened to "Bow" so as to fit in the in-game menus. Physical damage is calculated using the Hit Rate statistic.

Name Attack Special Effects
Bronze Bowgun 3
Iron Bowgun 15
Silver Bow 20
Bandit's Bow 25
Shaman's Bow 40
Dreamstone Bow 60
Comet Bow 80
Sonic Bow 100 Inflicts Slow
Siren's Kiss 140 Inflicts Stop
Stardust Bow 150 Inflicts Confuse
Valkyrie Bow 180
Venus Bow 0 Deals 777 damage