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Full Motion Video

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Full Motion Video, shortened to FMV in some scenarios, refers to the fully animated cut-scenes present in the PlayStation release of Chrono Trigger, as part of the 2001 Final Fantasy Chronicles release. Void of any voice-overs, the FMVs include the most dramatic and substantial themes in the game, ranging from Ayla and Crono flying to the Tyranno Lair on Dactyls, to Frog opening the Magic Cave with the newly repaired Masamune, to the wedding of Crono and Marle, and many more. Nine FMVs are present in the release, playing once the in-game event has been triggered. These videos appear in Chrono Trigger (DS), as part of an unlockable bonus feature.

Design and Reception[edit | edit source]

Designed by the original character illustrator, Akira Toriyama's Bird Studios, the anime-style cutscenes were animated by Toei Animation, as well as several bonus features, accessible after achieving various endings in the game. Scenarist Masato Kato met with the illustrators at Bird Studios several times and decided how to make the ending cut-scenes coalesce with the incidents of the game's sequel, Chrono Cross.[1] Critics noted similarities between Toriyama's artistry with Dragon Ball and the Chrono Trigger cut-scenes, noting that Crono resembled Goku.

Videos[edit | edit source]

Opening[edit | edit source]

The first FMV opens with the song, "Crono & Marle - A Distant Promise", with the sound of gulls squawking as they soar over a blue ocean presumed to be outside of Crono's bedroom in Truce village. The camera shifts to a picture of Crono and his many friends. The title Chrono Trigger appears over Crono's face, before fading to an image of Lavos and the Earth. The main theme plays, as a clock scrolls through the years, staring with Ayla in Prehistory, moving to the floating islands of Zeal in Antiquity, then to Frog looking up at Fiendlord's Keep, followed by Lucca and Crono overlooking Guardia Castle during the Middle Ages, ending with Robo overlooking one of the many domes in the Future. The next scene shows the Epoch flying toward the screen, fading into a scene of Crono, battling Masa & Mune with a Katana. An unknown Fiend jumps at Crono, but Marle shoots it down with her Crossbow. Ayla running through a forest appears in the following scene. The remaining scenes show Lucca being enclosed by Robots, firing her pistol uselessly, until Robo saves her; Frog appears in Hero's Grave, morning Cyrus' death; Lucca builds the Telepods while her father, Taban, sleeps in the backdrop; Marle, dressed as Queen Leene, evaporates in flare of green fire, due to a grandfather paradox, her Pendant dropping; Magus, standing on a cliff, smiles shows his fangy smile; Black Tyranno and Azala attack Crono, Ayla, and Robo, on a narrow bridge at the Tyranno Lair. Crono, Lucca, and Frog battle Zombor, on what appears to be the bridges that connect the Prison Towers; Frog and Crono using X-Strike on Zombor; Marle and Lucca cast Antipode Bomb on Heckran, while Crono splits it in two; Crono and the others fly off into the horizon as the game title appears on a white background.

Meet Robo[edit | edit source]

Entering the Proto Dome, Lucca, Marle, and Crono discover a damaged Robot, covered in rats. Their presence alerts the rats, who flee. Lucca retrieves a screw driver from her handbag and holds it up enthusiastically, implying that she can repair the robot.

Ayla Saves The Day[edit | edit source]

Upon visiting the Mystic Mountains in Prehistory, Crono and his friends find themselves swarmed by reptilian humanoids called Reptites. Ayla jumps in to save them, her theme song playing the background. During this scene, Ayla is shown wielding a club, although in-game, she uses only her Fists in battle.

Frog Uses The Masamune![edit | edit source]

Repairing the Masamune and bringing it to the Magic Cave, Frog holds the sword to the sky, as Crono looks on approvingly. Energy beams into the sword from the sky, and Frog directs it toward a solid rock face, splitting it in two with the sword's might. Frog enters the cave, and Crono follows, smiling.

Frog Challenges Magus[edit | edit source]

The scene starts in a dark room. With Frog's footfalls, several blue orbs light up at his feet. Bracing the Masamune, he continues down the dark hall until the orbs form a ring. The figure of Magus appears within the lit ring.

Dino Fight[edit | edit source]

Crono and Ayla are seen among a net of Dactyls. Mounting them, Crono and Ayla fly to the Tyranno Lair, with a sunset in the background.

Wings of Time[edit | edit source]

At the Keeper's Dome, Crono discovers the Epoch. Excited, he jumps into the vehicle, fires it up, and flies away with it.

Crono Falls[edit | edit source]

In a temporal dimensioned opened by Queen Zeal at the Ocean Palace, Crono braces his Katana against Lavos. Opening its mouth, a strong wind pulls those present toward it. Magus appears for a brief second, with a knowing glance on his face. The scene cuts to a picture of Janus and Alfador, mouthing the phrase, "One among you will shortly perish," as Schala's Theme plays in the background. Crono drops his katana as black electricity binds him. A glowing orb of energy rises from him, as Schala and Magus look on helplessly.

The Fall of Guardia[edit | edit source]

A pendulum sways, cutting to an image of the Guardia royal crest. Two shadows are dueling with swords. One appears to be a royal guard, while the other is a cloaked man with long hair (believed to be Dalton). The pendulum appears again, before switching to a scene of a burning Truce. Corpses liter the ground and an unknown hand pulls the Masamune out of the ground. This scene is known as the Fall of Guardia.

Ending[edit | edit source]

Among a chorus of brass instruments, the city of Truce is shown, with Guardia Castle looming over it in the distance. Guardia's royal crest appears, finally revealing the band. Crowds of smiling faces are shown, as Crono and Marle enter, adorned in fancy clothes. Marle wears a veil and carries a bouquet, indicating this is a wedding. Both are wearing regal coronets. The scene cuts to a hut in Prehistory. There, a feast is underway. Ayla, still chief of the Iokans, grabs Kino's hand and forces a bolt onto his finger. She drops a Dreamstone ring into his hands and holds her hand out, a tactic gesture, urging him to place the ring there. The song, "Burn! Bobonga! Burn!" plays in the background as the crowd celebrates the newlyweds. This too appears to be wedding. The scene changes again to Guardia Castle 600 A.D., where King Guardia XXI and Queen Leene sit on their thrones. Frog, now a human man, is knighted by the king, as his theme song plays. Frog's face is never shown. Flashing back to Crono and Marle's wedding, Melchior bursts through the crowd, holding up a bottle of what appears to be alcohol. The two wave to him, leaving the church. Marle throws her bouquet into the air, and fireworks and balloons appear around it. The video ends with Lucca, walking down a forested path with a miniature R-Series robot (evidently one of her creations). Her attention draws to a glowing light in the trees. Inspecting it, she sees a baby with a Pendant around it's neck. She picks up the child and carries it home.

References[edit | edit source]

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