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Truce Canyon

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Truce Canyon

Truce Canyon
Time Period 600 AD

Truce Canyon (トルース村の裏山?) is a location in Chrono Trigger that appears in the Middle Ages near the town of Truce on the West Continent. Heavily populated by Imps and Roundillo, traversing the canyon can prove deadly without a weapon. One Power Glove and one Tonic are found here.

Story[edit | edit source]

In the Present, Leene Square currently occupies the location. In the original timeline, no events of significance occurred in Truce Canyon, other than the ongoing search pattern for the whereabouts of Queen Leene following her abduction. In addition, all searches were called off upon the discovery that the Queen was being held hostage in Manolia Cathedral.

However, upon the activation of the first gate (at least, the first gate seen in-game), Marle is brought back to 600 A.D. from the present. Unfortunately, her arrival and ancestry interfere with the past; she is a dead-ringer for the Queen. At this point, the search is called off as the soldiers believe they have found the Queen; unbeknownst to them, the real Queen is still in Manolia Cathedral.

When Crono arrives from the present to retrieve Marle, he is immediately attacked by a group of Blue Imp's. Other than non-essential fighting (such as if a player chooses to go through Guardia Forest in the present or fight Gato during the fair), this is the first fight a player can expect. Crono then makes his way down to the bottom of the canyon, exiting into the town of Truce.

Some point in time between Crono's arrival and the events at the Cathedral, Lucca also comes through the gate with the Gate Key. It's likely she's headed straight for the castle, where she'll meet up with Crono.

After the events at the Cathedral and the Queen's safe return, Crono, Marle, and Lucca return to Truce Canyon. A sequence occurs on the screen where the gate is; Lucca attempts to explain how the gate works, before activating it with the gate key. The party return to the present at this point.

Later on in the story, the party (expanded to include Robo) returns to start and complete the chain of events needed to defeat Magus (since at this point, they are under the assumption that Magus summoning Lavos meant he created it). At the start of the events, the party acquires both pieces of the broken Masamune, the Broken Blade and Broken Hilt; the completion of the events sees Frog joining the party for good as well as the final time Truce Canyon is needed for the gate. In both instances, the party must travel to the gate in Truce Canyon in order to travel to the End of Time.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the original timeline, Melchior and Janus are sent through gates by Lavos (as they were present in the original timeline) during the Ocean Palace Incident. The surroundings indicate Janus was dumped into Truce Canyon.