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North Cape

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North Cape

North Cape
Time Period Antiquity
Notable inhabitants Magus
Bosses fought Magus (optional)
"The past is dead. It was all just a dream...I once lived there, but I was a different person then..."
— Magus

North Cape (北の岬 kita no misaki?) is a location in Chrono Trigger. Overlooking the frigid and frozen ocean waves, North Cape is the northern Peninsula of remaining land after the Fall of Zeal.

Story[edit | edit source]

Here, on this snowy cliff, Magus contemplates the events of the Ocean Palace. Disguised as the Prophet, he attempted to save his sister, Schala, and destroy Lavos before it could destroy the Future in 1999 A.D. He also reveals his identity as Janus.

When the party confronts him, they have the option to do battle or forgive him. The latter invites Magus to join the team permanently. Choosing battle, the party will be awarded with Magus' most sacred and sentimental treasure, Schala's Amulet. Iconic dialogue can be achieved by switching party members. Namely, Frog is noted for appearing at this location to confront Magus once and for all. Canonically, however, Frog chooses to spare Magus, saying Magus' death would not revive Cyrus and would not undo the life he lost due to his amphibious curse. This location is also home to Magus' famous soliloquy (see above).