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Moonlight Parade

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This is a featured article

Moonlight Parade

Taban strikes the Sun Stone to produce fireworks.
Time Period Present
Chapter(s) played in Epilogue
Music played Festival of Stars

The Moonlight Parade is an event in Chrono Trigger. Every one thousand years, at the close of the Millennial Fair, the citizens of Guardia parade Leene Square to celebrate the millennial birth of their nation. "Moonlight" in the title, refers to the time of day at which this event occurs. When held, several dancers course the square with their colored scarves. Lights festoon across the fences, awnings, booths, and stalls as the citizen dance, laugh, and entertain themselves.


After defeating Lavos, the Moonlight Parade is held. Two separate endings can occur during this event. First, after Crono's Mother accidentally falls into the Gate near the Telepods, chasing Crono's Cat, the Gate seals and the crew boards Epoch to rescue her. Another ending includes Marle and Nadia's Bell. When her father King Guardia XXXIII presents the bell as a symbol of the post-Lavos peace, dozens of brightly colored balloons are attached. Not only as decoration but to ease its extreme weight. Marle attempts to hang the bell but starts flying away due to the many balloons. Crono tries to pull her down but is swept up to. A romantic scene unfolds with the two hovering over a moonlit Truce.

Taban strikes the Sun Stone with a mallet (if recovered by the party), sending fireworks into the air.

When King Guardia XXXIII is accused of selling the Rainbow Shell, at the trial, the Chancellor presents an ancestral will (likely forged) claiming that the mythic relic was scheduled to be unveiled to the public during the Moonlight Parade but allegedly went missing days before the event. After defeating Yakra XIII, impersonating the royal adviser in attempts to seek revenge on the throne, the real Chancellor is rescued from a locked trunk. Without explaining how he managed to be captured, he storms off, stammering about missed preparations for the Moonlight Parade. Likely, he was the one responsible for overseeing the manufacture and presentation of Nadia's Bell.