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Mudbeast Den

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Mudbeast Den
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Time Period Antiquity
Bosses fought Mud Imp, Red Mudbeast, Blue Mudbeast

Mudbeast Den (ドロクイの巣 dorokui no su?, Mudeater's Nest) is a dungeon in Chrono Trigger entered during 12,000 BC. It is an underground passage that can be accessed from Algetty in Terra Cave, which leads to the Mountain of Woe. Near the end of the passageway, Crono and his allies must defeat the bosses Mud Imp, Red Mudbeast, and the Blue Mudbeast (note that all three are fought simultaneously).

It is highly recommended to bring Ayla for these battles as she can Charm a Speed Capsule from the Mud Imp, an Elixir from the Red Mudbeast and a rare Mermaid Helm from the Blue Mudbeast (in the original SNES/PS version this is the only Mermaid Helm in the entire game). She can also Charm the regular Mudbeast enemy for a Rainbow Helm (the only one in the SNES/PS version of the game). To make the process of acquiring these items faster, bring Marle in addition to Ayla to take advantage of their Twin Charm Double Tech.

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