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Strength Capsule

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Strength Capsule
Japanese Name パワーカプセル
SNES/PSX Name Power Tab
Description A capsule that permanently enhances Strength.
Effect +1 power
Sell 5 G
Charmable Fiends Blubber Hulk (Black Omen)
Black Tyranno (Tyranno Lair (Prehistory))

The Strength Capsule (パワーカプセル Power Capsule?) (also known as Power Tab in the SNES/PS version) is a consumable item in Chrono Trigger. It permanently increases the power stat of a party member by 1.

Strength Capsules can be found as blue sparks on the field, by use of Charm, or by receiving them from NPCs. There are an infinite amount of Strength Capsules in the game due to an error in the programming. In the Black Omen, there is a Blubber Hulk (known as Tubster in the SNES/PS version) that can be Charmed for a Strength Capsule. After defeating the enemy, exit and reenter the room they spawn in, and the Blubber Hulk will again be present to fight, with a new Strength Capsule available for Ayla to charm.


End of Time[edit]

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Middle Ages[edit]

Main article: Middle Ages
  • Giant's Claw: Behind the 2nd jaw.
  • Giant's Claw: Take the path left of the prison.


Main article: Present
  • Guardia Forest: At the far right end.
  • Hero's Grave: Southwest of the between-floors (right stairs).


Main article: Future
  • Proto Dome: Under the Gate after visiting the End of Time. (It's invisible; no blue shine).
  • Geno Dome: Southeast of the long passage with red floor-lights.
  • Death Peak: Dash to the upper-right corner - right of the first tree.

Black Omen[edit]

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  • Charm Blubber Hulk (infinite times: repeatedly exit and return to the room).