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Home Time Present
Home Area Truce
Family Lara (wife)
Lucca (daughter)
Banta (ancestor)
Gender Male

Taban Ashtear (タバン・アシュティア?) is a blacksmith and inventor in Chrono Trigger. Residing in a home on an island in southern Truce, he is the father of Lucca and the husband of the invalid Lara. Because Taban's name is an anagram of "Banta", and the two are both handymen, it is suggested that they are distant relatives. He is first introduced at the Millennial Fair, where he and his daughter are presenting their invention, the Telepod.

History[edit | edit source]

When Lucca was a child, Lara wanted to dust one of Taban's inventions despite him telling her to stay away from it. However, her skirt gets stuck in the machine's conveyor belt and can't pull it out. The machine then activates and the conveyor belt starts pulling Lara into the machine. Lara tells Lucca to input the password to stop the machine, but Lucca does not know it. As a result, Lara loses her legs due to Taban's invention.

Inventions[edit | edit source]

Taban aided Lucca in the creation of the Telepod, a teleportation device that accidentally sent Marle to the Middle Ages, where she was mistaken for her ancestor Queen Leene. Taban also creates four pieces of equipment for Lucca – Taban's Vest, Taban's Suit, Taban's Helm, and Sunglasses.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

In the many endings of Chrono Trigger, Taban makes a guest appearance. During the Moonlight Parade, he can be seen sipping "Soda" on the ledge of a fountain in Leene Square. If Lara's Legs are restored, she begs him to dance with her. If not, she sits on the ledge of the fountain while he stands. Additionally, in another scene, Taban strikes the Sun Stone with a mallet to produce fireworks, while King Guardia XXXIII hangs Nadia's Bell.

Gallery[edit | edit source]