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Sunken Desert

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This article is about the side-quest. You may be looking for the chapter known as The Sunken Desert.
Sunken Desert

Sunken Desert
Time Period Middle Ages
Chapter(s) played in The Sunken Desert
Bosses fought Melphyx

The Sunken Desert (地底砂漠 chitei sabaku?) is a location in Chrono Trigger that appears during the Middle Ages. This location is important to The Sunken Desert sidequest. This location will appear once the chapter Lavos Beckons has started.

Story[edit | edit source]

After convincing the Zeal Plant Woman to disobey the orders of Queen Zeal to plant the seed given to her by Gaspar, this location appears south of Fiona's Villa near Dorino. Speaking to Fiona, it is learned that Marco has returned for good and she is preparing to revive the desert surrounding her villa with tree saplings. However, she fears creatures crawling out of the Sunken Desert would destroy the newly planted vegetation before it had a chance to restore the blighted land. So, Crono and his friends approach the sinkhole, understanding it is the source of the monsters that would destroy Fiona's plants, and wind up in a cavern beneath. Navigating through the quicksand halls, they meet and defeat Melphyx. After which, Robo enlists his aid and together, he and Fiona are able to the plant trees without interruption. Fiona's Forest appears in 1000 AD after Melphyx is defeated and the sink hole, closed.

Info[edit | edit source]