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Memory Cap

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Memory Cap
Memory Cap (Chrono Trigger).png
Japanese Name 忘れずの帽子
Equipment Type Headgear
Description A hat that Guards the wearer's memories
Defense 30
Effect Prevents Lock
Price 20000 G
Sell 10000 G
Vendor Locations Fiona's Shrine (Present)
Treasure Chests Sunken Desert (Middle Ages,
Death Peak (Future)

The Memory Cap is headgear in Chrono Trigger. It is equipable by all characters. When equipped, it protects the wearer from the Lock Status Effect.

It can be found in chests within the Sunken Desert (Middle Ages and Death Peak (Future). It can also be bought for 20000 G from Fiona's Shrine in the Present once the forest between Zenan Bridge and Porre has been restored.