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Muscle Ring

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Muscle Ring
Japanese Name マッスルリング
Equipment Type Accessory
Description A ring that adds muscle tone.
Effect +6 to Stamina
Charmable Fiends Incognito (Black Omen)
Tera Mutant (Upper Body) (Black Omen)
Treasure Chests Sunken Desert

Muscle Ring is an accessory in Chrono Trigger. Increasing the Stamina attribute by 6 points, any character can equip this item. To receive this item charm either the Incognito or Tera Mutant (Upper Body) in Black Omen. It can also be found in Sunken Desert in a chest.

Name Origin[edit | edit source]

Muscles are contractile tissues of animals. They infer excellent physical conditioning and thus infer resilience. The name may also allude to Mussels and the impregnability of their shells. Interestingly, the insignia depicted on the ring strongly resembles both the shelled marine animal, as well as a bicep.