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Fiona's Forest

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Fiona's Forest

Party camps in Fiona's Forest
Time Period Middle Ages
Chapter(s) played in The Sunken Desert

Fiona's Forest is a location in Chrono Trigger. It is located south of Denadoro Mountains.

Story[edit | edit source]

The forest near Fiona's Villa is dying. Due to this, Fiona wants to save it; she has a deep appreciation for nature. Her husband, Marco, promised to get back to help her but in the Present. the forest has been claimed by the desert. To revive the forest and to make it appear in 1000 A.D. Crono must defeat the monsters in a Sunken Desert, after convincing the Zeal Plant Woman to plant the seed. This location is near Fiona's Villa and the Magic Cave that transports the party to Fiendlord's Keep. Prior to the defeat of Melphyx, the party is seen discussing the future around a campfire. It is here that Robo first suggests that the appearance of the Gates might not be Lavos's, but that of an even greater being instead. When everyone is asleep, Lucca stumbles into a red Gate that teleports her back to where her mother legs were crushed by Taban's machine. After the fate of Lara Ashtear is decided, the player is transported back to the Middle Ages and Robo presents Lucca with the Green Dream, an item that revives the player if equipped during a battle where the character's HP drop below 0. Proceeding these events, Fiona's Forest and Fiona's Shrine appear in the Present.

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