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Fall of Guardia

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Fall of Guardia
Masamune Fall of Guardia.png
The Masamune amidst the destroyed Truce.
Time Period 1005 A.D.
Notable Inhabitants Dalton

The Fall of Guardia is an event in Chrono Trigger, occurring in the year 1005 A.D. Subsequent to Lavos' death at the hands of time-travelers, the Kingdom of Guardia was invaded by the Porrean military. Dalton reportedly led the assault, transported to the Present by a lingering Gate. The famed Masamune was lost in the altercation.

In the PlayStation release of the game, an end-game cutscene depicted soldiers dueling with swords in Guardia Castle, flame and destruction in the city of Truce, and an unknown presence pulling the abandoned Masamune from the ground in what is believed to be the "Fall of Guardia".