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A telepod

The Telepods were constructed by Lucca and her father, Taban, to be demonstrated at the Millennial Fair in Chrono Trigger. Their first test-run teleported Crono harmlessly from one Telepod to the other. However, the second test-run had a very different outcome. Reacting to Marle's pendant, it opened a Gate that sent her to the Middle Ages. This began the adventures of Chrono Trigger.

In New Game +, the right Telepod is also the first possible Gate opening to the Apocalypse - this is one of the only Lavos battle that can be fought with two or less characters (Crono and optionally Marle). Interestingly enough, the plates on the Telepod flash different colors during the Moonlight Parade at the end of the game.


  • After Marle agrees to watch Crono test the Telepods, it is possible for him to simply talk to her before being teleported. This prompts her to test the Telepods, as if he had done so already. This is useful for swift playthroughs of the game.