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The Terra Cave
Time Period Antiquity
Bosses fought Mud Imp

Red Mudbeast
Blue Mudbeast

Algetty (アルゲティ?) is a location in Chrono Trigger and is the village of the Earthbound Ones in the Antiquity era, before the fall of the Kingdom of Zeal. It is perhaps more commonly referred to as Terra Cave (地の民の洞窟 chi no tami no dōkutsu?, "Cave of the Earth Tribe"), the name of the cave in which the village resides. After the fall of the Kingdom of Zeal, the survivors of Algetty relocate to the Last Village, where they live alongside the survivors of the Kingdom of Zeal.

Story[edit | edit source]

Crono briefly visits Algetty on his way to the Mountain of Woe, to which Algetty is the anchor. He was sent to free Melchior for the prison atop the mountain by Princess Schala. After defeating the Mud Imp and its Mudbeast minions within the Mudbeast Den, the party scales the chain that holds the floating mountain to the ground.

Algetty Interior, Top Level.

Once Melchior is safe within the village. Schala warns that the Mammon Machine has been moved to the Ocean Palace, but before more is said, Dalton comes to forcibly escort her from the village. This appears to be grave news to Melchior. Handing over the Ruby Knife, he instructs Crono and his friends to destroy the machine.

Shops[edit | edit source]


Item Cost
Potion 10g
Mid Potion 100g
Hi Potion 700g
Panacea 10g
Athenian Water 200g
Shelter 150g
Ether 800g


Item Cost
Zanmato 17000g
Comet Bow 7800g
Megablaster 9800g
Megaton Arm 15,000 G
Radiant Blade 18000G


Item Cost
Luminous Robe 6500g
Radiant Plate 8500g


Item Cost
Radiant Helm 2300g

Trivia[edit | edit source]