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Japanese Name エーテル
SNES/PSX Name Ether
Equipment Type Consumable Item
Description Medicine that restores a small amount of MP.
Effect Restores 10 MP
Price 800 Gold
Sell 400 Gold
Won From Gaoler (located in: Prison Towers (Present)
Market (Present)
Magus' Keep (600 AD))

Floral Horror
Charmable Fiends Dondrago (Located in: Abandoned Sewers (Future)) Golden Eaglet
Treasure Chests Prison Towers (Present)

The Ether is a consumable item in Chrono Trigger. It restores 10 MP of a party member, making it the weakest Mana recovery consumeable in the game.

Name Origin[edit | edit source]

Ether is a clear liquid compound used in the production of pharmaceuticals and illegal narcotics. Alternatively, Ether, in many religious traditions, is a metaphysical realm that overlaps the concrete realm and is rumored to be the home of magical beings and spirits of the dead.